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About Rank Levels

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

User ranks are a fun element in our community that incentivizes participation, rewards quality, and establishes reputation in the community. Every member of the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions.

List of Ranks

  1. New Member (You start here!)

  2. Member

  3. Visitor

  4. Deal Seeker

  5. Inquirer

  6. Rewards Hunter

  7. Shopper

  8. Deal Sharer

  9. Saver

  10. Rewards Guide

  11. Core Shopper

  12. Skilled Saver

  13. Deal Ambas

  14. Rewards Advocate 

  15. Super Saver

  16. Deal Expert

  17. Shopping Enthusiast

  18. Rewards Whiz

  19. Ultimate Saver

  20. Deal Master (The highest achievement in our community!)


How do I earn a new rank?

User ranks are awarded based on combinations of various types of user activity in the community. The more you participate, the faster you move up the ranks! 

Where does my rank display?

Your rank will display on your profile page, on each post you make, and your profile hover card.

Why have I seen ranks that aren’t on this list? 

Ibotta employees and partners have custom ranks so that you'll always know who you're interacting with.

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