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Frequently Asked Questions Q: I'm an existing Saver with the browser extension but I don’t see the back to school offers, why is this? A: Be sure to log in to and the offers will be available within an hour.   Q: I saw on Krazy Coupon Lady that I should get a $...
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  After more than a year of uncertainty and adapting to new ways of learning, we want to send kids back to school the right way – with full backpacks and full lunchboxes. So we’re providing families with essentials for free, along with many other great offers. COVID has impacted ev...
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  Hey Everyone, Along with the launch of the new community interface I'm also trying to get a sense of how you all feel about the community in general. Below you will find two different survey links that will help me improve your experience here. Sense of Community This su...
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If you have questions about the basic functionality of the Ibotta Community, check out the FAQ section! If you can't find what you're looking for? Leave us a comment! 
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Badges, like Ranks, are a fun element in our community that incentive participation, reward quality, and establishes reputation in the community. Badges can be earned for a variety of different participation and interaction styles.   Types of Badges  Welcome Visits Conversa...
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User ranks are a fun element in our community that incentivizes participation, rewards quality, and establishes reputation in the community. Every member of the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions. List of Ranks New Member (You start here!) Member ...
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