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Hey folks, Some of you may have had a chance to see my post here about the new Saver Community layout. Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback, it's been very insightful and it's worth noting that I can still make some changes even after everything is implemented. I've changed som...
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Hey everyone, We're going to be rolling out a new layout for the homepage of the community here soon, and before we really start digging into it, I wanted to get your feedback. Below you will see an image I made (poorly) that shows what the new layout looks like. You'll notice that there's...
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Hello Ibotta Community! I am pleased to introduce our new Community Manager, @LaraL ! Lara recently joined our team at Ibotta and will be a new resource for you all, so please say hello and reach out with any questions! Don’t worry, Scotty and I will still be around too.
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If you have questions about the basic functionality of the Ibotta Community, check out the FAQ section! If you can't find what you're looking for? Leave us a comment! 
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Badges, like Ranks, are a fun element in our community that incentive participation, reward quality, and establishes reputation in the community. Badges can be earned for a variety of different participation and interaction styles.   Types of Badges  Welcome Visits Conversa...
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User ranks are a fun element in our community that incentivizes participation, rewards quality, and establishes reputation in the community. Every member of the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions. List of Ranks New Member (You start here!) Member ...
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Ibotta Saver Community Terms of Service  Welcome to the Ibotta Saver Community (the “Community”).   The following Community Terms of Service, together with Ibotta’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Terms of Service”), are a legally binding contract between you and Ibo...
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Ibotta Security & Privacy Policy: User Guidelines  Welcome to the Ibotta Saver Community!  The Ibotta Saver Community has been created to give Savers like you direct access to one another, to connect, build community and learn from each...
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