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$10 Referral Bonus - Maybe I need my eyes checked

Rewards Hunter

I just started using ibotta this month and noticed the $10 bonus for referring a friend.  I finally talked my mom into signing up and submitting a receipt, only to get a $1 bonus for referring her.  I was so sure that it was listed as $10 yesterday and today it says only $1 per referral in the app.  Am I going bling or did they just happen to change it today and I have horrible luck?

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Re: $10 Referral Bonus - Maybe I need my eyes checked

Deal Master

@ScottyS  just posted the following earlier. 

Hi, Savers!

Due to heavy traffic, we've paused the referral program for some quick updates. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your referral cash. During this downtime, you will be credited $1 for each friend you refer, and you’ll receive the full $10 when the program is back up and running.

Thanks for your patience and for sharing Ibotta with friends!