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Re: $15/60 Treasure Chest Bonus

Core Shopper

I have $12/35. Of course I completed WW on Friday. If those 5 offers would have counted it would be tempting to go after. I will see what happens this week and if there are any good offers. 


Re: $15/60 Treasure Chest Bonus

Deal Sharer

I did the marathon of 10/42 and not seeing anything new I need. MY MWMM is 1/8 and I will make that easily. I am on food stamps and take am taking advantage of expiring offers that we like and will store well. I'm going to Publix tomorrow for some BOGO deals (posted under Stacking) and then pick up my Walmart order, which if I calculated right is $11 for less than $70. Retirement and fixed income doesn't have to so bad since I can get pocket $ with Ibotta!