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2/3 of way to Chomps bonus

Deal Expert

This past Friday I planted a 🇺🇸 for the Chomps sausage/meat stick, or so I thought, at least not without some initial static 


So of course I got on their case. I sent a screenshot of the claimed offer for Chomps then photos of the receipt, the product and close up of the barcode. Either the next day or 2 days later they finally approved the claim 

Earlier today I shot for Part 2 of the Chomps bonus. After scanning the receipt I had to manually enter the barcode the first time then by some miracle the other 2 scanned (the offer required the purchase of 3) then the receipt was in pending status. I immediately thought 'Uh oh, here I go again, 2nd verse same as the first' 

Instead much to my pleasant surprise Ibotta came through for me before midnight and saved me from haggling and b!+¢#!ng

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Re: 2/3 of way to Chomps bonus

Skilled Saver


So happy ibotta came through!!!😊

These are the nail-biters that affect my blood pressure!