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2021 free Thanksgiving turkey

Rewards Hunter

Is there any way to get the turkey part of the free Thanksgiving dinner without referring someone? Everyone I know is either signed up or doesn't own a computer/cell phone.

Any advice?? Thanks, Angela



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Re: 2021 free Thanksgiving turkey

Skilled Saver

@anjilynn  If you read the FAQ the answer is no, there is no other way. You also can’t post your referral code here @LaraL , and I wouldn’t image anyone here needing one since if they ventured here they most likely already have an account.

Re: 2021 free Thanksgiving turkey

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

As @Loves2Save mentions, that is the only offer that requires an action on your part. All other items are available to everyone.


Re: 2021 free Thanksgiving turkey


They only want some people get a free turkey. Some people are getting a free turkey without having to refer anyone. Why would anyone get a friend to sign up for a free turkey and you aren't even sure that will happen? That's not free and it's not even providing a turkey for members completing a service. It's them using members to gain more membership.