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Bonus Denied

Rewards Hunter

I completed the Give Thanks Bonus on the 14th. The bonus was listed before that. Anyone else have issues getting credit?


I’m being told;

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, since you purchased these items before the release of the bonus, on November 15th,  we are unable to update the bonus at this time.


it doesn’t say anything about the 15th on the bonus just no purchase before the 11th. 


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Re: Bonus Denied

Rewards Hunter

I had the November bonus done. It disappeared.  I sent a ticket asking where it went. It reappeared a couple days later. 48 items needed for the bonus. That was after the 30+ items I already had gotten.


Re: Bonus Denied

Super Saver

@Ak825597 @Bonniewest1226  Yikes!  Can you please add a little more detail as to what exactly happened leading up to the missing bonus?  How many offers were required for you (we sometimes get different goals) and when did you complete them?  Was the $10 awarded and then taken away, or were you simply never awarded the bonus?  Very odd one indeed!


Re: Bonus Denied

Deal Master


What I think has happened is that somehow the worker has confused bonuses after your opening a ticket.  Perhaps you inquired about not getting credit for 'your bonus' and didn't specify which bonus, or perhaps they simply lost the  Can you tell us precisely what you said in your email to them?

The Midweek Harvest bonus would have started on 11/15.  If this sounds right to you, simply reiterate that you are inquiring about the $10 Give Thanks bonus that started on 11 /11.

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Re: Bonus Denied

Core Shopper

I am also not seeing any bonus from last one week, I am not sure what happened. 
usually we get new bonus pops up by Monday morning and Thursdays. 
but I am just claiming the offers if I see better one whether there is a bonus associated or not.