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Bonus problem


Hi ibotta community,

Is there any way to see a bonus that was  in progress but disappear because it expired? I don't  remember the name of the bonus that  ended on Monday $10.... but ordered Groceries  from Walmart on Sunday before expiration  date and they're delivered  on Monday morning. Im pretty sure I completed the bonus. I got cash back already. 

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Re: Bonus problem

Deal Master

If you go to Activity (the Bell on the Home page) and select an entry for submitting a receipt during the Bonus time period, it should list the Bonus near the bottom.  You should also see it in the emails you get when you earn cash.

I am assuming the bonus you are speaking about is September Leaves.  That is the one that was $10 for around 40 offers. Some had more or less.

My understanding is that earnings on Walmart orders for Delivery are based on when the order was placed, not when it was picked up or delivered.