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Bonus relay

Deal Sharer

Not sure if anyone have same feeling. 
I love and hate the bonus relays game where complete one bonus to unlock another bonus.

I love it because it gives extra opportunities to get bonus but when the time is on the line and my rebates were stuck on pending approval. It really annoying me.

I am not sure what’s the reason that after scan the receipt and pass scan all the barcodes, I need to wait to get the rebates approved again? Before the final approval, the next bonus would not appear….

I think it would be fair at least unlock the bonus first so we can continue finish the game.

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Re: Bonus relay

Super Saver

Feeling your pain! I currently have 6 offers in "pending mode." When they clear it will complete both Honor roll bonus and a monthly level bonus.  2 have been pending since yesterday.  4 since earlier this afternoon. 

I agree that if the Extra Credit bonus would have unlocked, I may have knocked off the necessary offers before tonight's deadline. But there's nothing like  pending offers to put a damper on your zeal  to freebate.