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Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings


I tend to always go for the Bonus since it is free money back. I’m curious if I have a good Bonus Money to Lifetime Earning percentage. Anyone else care to share their Bonus vs Total Earnings percentage?

$2012.54 LT vs $573 Bonus =

28.5% of my earnings is Bonus money.



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Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

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My bonus VS lifetime earnings to date is 20%.  I have received some very good bonuses in the past. I now feel like some of these bonuses are getting harder to fulfill because of the lack of products in interested in buying. 

Don't let what you don't have prevent you from enjoying what you do have.

Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

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Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

Shopping Enthusiast

My bonus to earnings ratio is 29.13%. I agree that the bonuses have become harder, more offers for less reward.  Purchasing $5 gift cards with earnings has helped a great deal.

Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

Core Shopper

This is interesting. My bonus earnings are at 19%. I don't aggressively pursue bonuses so I was surprised this percentage is that high.


Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

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My bonus percentage is a paltry 9.38%, and based on my needs and circumstances,  I am good with that number..  It also is hard for me to find a large number of good offers.

  1. I have pretty much never chased bonuses
  2. I rarely complete bonuses.
  3. I do not like fake meat and most of the healthy drinks or food.
  4. I buy a lot of Kroger store brands.
  5.  There is almost nothing household or personal care that I will need to buy for the next 5 years.   I still have around 50 cereals and 25 or 30 cans of Pringles.   This has been great because I buy almost no groceries so the inflation as not really hit me there.   
  6. The list goes on and on, so it is nearly impossible for me to complete any bonuses.


You can't simply rely on a misleading metric like bonuses to LTE  It doesn't really tell you anything in some cases.   You can simply spend a lot of money buying items to rack up bonuses.  You may buy a lot of  $2 items with a 25¢ IR, resulting in a 12.5%  'savings'.'   If you do that and many other similar IR offers that are a small percentage of the purchase price, you will accumulate a lot of progress towards offers. 

Let's say you do 50 offers where you get 25¢ off of a $2 item, , that is 12.5% off, which is really sad compared to a good sale percentage.   You would earn $12.50 for 50 offers.  Lets say that the 50 offers generated bonuses of $20.   Your ratio for $20 bonuses to total earnings of $32.50 (IR+bonuses)  would be 61.50%, but you bought $100 worth of stuff, got back $32.50 ($1.50 rebates + $20 bonuses), so you still spent $67.50 on $100 worth of goods. 

Those of you who track things closely have a better idea of how ibotta aids you in your purchases.  The more disciplined you are in stacking the better.  This post comes up frequently, and I fully understand the reason it is asked.  I am just saying from a statistical POV, I liken the metric to that of a false positive in far too many cases.

And please don't bonus shame me with my lil

“about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"

Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings


37% here 


Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

Deal Master

My Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings is only 15%.  I thought it would be higher.

I spot checked my completed bonuses.  Unfortunately, they don't appear to be sorted in date order.  If they were, the last one I have is from 2019.  I have been an Ibotta user much longer than that.


Re: Bonus $ vs Lifetime Earnings

Super Saver


My bonuses go back to 12/2018 under the completed list. 

My percentage of bonus money to total earnings is 19.7%. Most of my bonuses are the weekly and special ones. I have never chased product bonuses but I have managed to get some.