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How do you receive bonuses. Have had this account foe almost a month and not received any

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Re: Bonuses

Super Saver

New ibotta users typically have standard introductory bonuses.

Do you know where to locate your bonuses? If not, click the "earn more" button at the bottom of the screen on the homepage of the app. 

I've heard it reported that at about the 2-month mark of using ibotta (or after you've completed the introductory bonuses), that's the time went the standard/regular bonuses start to appear. 

For example, every month there is a monthly-level bonus. Level-1, Level-2 ,etc. 

MidWeek Money Maker is a regular bonus that (if/when it is available) it pops up on Monday mornings and expires Wednesday night.

Weekend Warrior is another regular bonus that (if/when it is available) it pops up on Thursday mornings and expires Sunday night.

Then there are special/occasional bonuses that are the most fun. Some people get good ones, others get mediocre ones....while yet some people don't get one at all. It seems to be random, but ibotta probably has some algorithm running. 

I hope you find this helpful!

Happy Ibotta-ing!

Re: Bonuses

Deal Expert

@Dbarr40601 have you claimed and completed even ONE cash back offer yet? A VERY IMPORTANT BASIC is that you rummage INTENTLY through your Ibotta app DAILY and for that matter 2+ times within the same day, you do that you OUGHT to find a MINIMUM 10 offers you might consider fair square and reasonable or compelling and attractive, i.e., FAOs (free after offers, lots of them since last summer), then you can identify target deals to knock out within the next 2-3 days.  Ultimately the key to getting the most out of Ibotta is completing as large a # of offers as possible every month.

Someone who's so filthy rich he sweats and pees buckaroos (I'll bet $s 2 donuts you're not in that camp just as I'm not) can chase and catch a lot of cash back offers for clothes, shoes, full service restaurants, large appliances and travel (i.e.,, Expedia, You and I very likely have to focus on more routine stuff like crackers, chips, yogurt, condiments, ice cream, and the like. Which leads to my next point: Focus ONLY on what you KNOW you CAN AFFORD and what you consider to be reasonable, fair and square or compelling and attractive.  Only YOU can make that determination and you can only do it by INTENTLY rummaging through your app

Re: Bonuses

Deal Expert

@Dbarr40601 once you really get the hang of it and make it as much a part of you as your hands and feet this could be the beginning of an incredibly exciting adventure