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When a deal says you can buy any item up to 5 times and there is multiple items in the deal and it also has a separate bonus when you make 3 unique purchases does that mean you can buy 3 of same item or you must buy 3 different.   Example.  Cracker Barrel cheese

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Re: Bonuses

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UNIQUE means you have to redeem three different offers from the list. You can't just buy 3 of one product, or redeem the same product 3 separate times.  If you choose, you can redeem the three different items on one receipt or you can do it across multiple receipts

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Re: Bonuses

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For the Cracker Barrel Bonus, and if it's the same one I have that's for $0.75 when you redeem 3 offers, you have to redeem 3 unique offers from the list - block, shreds, slices, cubes, cuts.  As it says in the exclusions offers redeemed more than once on a receipt will only count 1x.  IE - if you were to purchase 4 blocks of Cracker Barrel cheese, you'd get credit for each block purchased for that rebate (since it's limit 5) but will only tally once towards the bonus. 

So always be sure to read the bonus details.  Some bonus offers will credit for multiple purchases.  Like the one for Chicken of the Sea Salmon.  I got $0.25 bonus for buying 2 pouches and 1 can in the same transaction.  But other bonuses will only credit when redeemed on separate shopping trips.  Meaning you make a purchase today, wait for the offer to reset, then purchase again to have the 2nd item track towards the bonus. 


Re: Bonuses

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I purchased 3 Cracker Barrel cheese products. Each product is unique / different and qualify for multiple redemptions up to 5 times or whatever is stated in the details and will reward 1 credit towards the Cracker Barrel extra bonus.

Remember, Unique really means different items Screenshot_20211122-164234_Ibotta.jpg

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Re: Bonuses

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A current bonus that does not have the unique item requirement is Schweppes ginger ale. I bought three 2 liters today. Got back $0.50 for each of those plus the $0.25 Schweppes bonus for purchasing three