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Carving Cash: Cumulative or Single Purchase?

Deal Expert

The Carving Cash bonus has been extended until the EOM so I might use it now. As usual for me, the bonus appeared after I had made a $70 online order earlier this month. 😩 But now I plan on placing a $30 Target order to finish the $10 GC Circle offer, and probably will make another order at Amazon. So is the bonus cumulative, or is it just for one order of $50? Do the orders need to be made through the app only, or can it also be done on a PC? I made a CVS pickup order this weekend through the app (no Ibotta offers though) but of course it could be pending for weeks. And the offer excludes grocery purchases, which could easily complete this offer. But is that grocery items, or purchases at grocery stores? I hate offers like this that are hard to track and decipher.


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