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Completed Bonuses on Christmas Eve

Super Saver

I completed my weekend bonus and Candy Cane today. My hubby said never again on Christmas Eve. Walmart was a madhouse to check out. The shelves were empty and had to buy 4 things I really didn’t want to finish the bonuses. I was NOT going to be defeated. I am only 25 offers away from Merry & Bright and $45 from $4K lifetime which I intend to make by Dec 31.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Re: Completed Bonuses on Christmas Eve

Rewards Advocate


And Monday you'll have a new mwmm bonus to stack for your home stretch for M&B. Plus maybe another WW on Thursday for the final. That's what I am hoping for. 

Re: Completed Bonuses on Christmas Eve

Skilled Saver

That's awesome. I tried completing my bonus but didn't make it. The shelves were very bare and I couldn't find any more offers besides the ones I already redeemed. I did find some great deals on other products though so my last shopping trip wasn't a total loss. Hopefully next month will be better for offers in my area.