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Rewards Hunter

I just joined and I don't understand how this works. I found a deal I wanted and everytime I attempted to pay for it with PayPal it keeps bringing me to this page and will not let me purchase my items. Why and what am I supposed to do to complete the process.

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Re: confused

Shopping Enthusiast

Think of Ibotta as an app that offers you cash back for offers you buy at your local stores.  It's kind of like rebates:  You buy the item and then submit your receipt for cash back.  But instead of waiting 8-12 weeks, you get credit in days.

If you prefer online shopping, you can select the online site from the Online Shopping section and Ibotta will send you to the merchant's website.  Once you have paid for the items, your information from the store will be sent to Ibotta.  If everything checks out, your account will be credited.

If you use the Browser Extension, you can shop at even more online stores.

PayPal is one of several ways to get your earning from all your shopping.  You can only withdraw cash after you have $20 or more in your account.

Re: confused

Deal Sharer

What are you trying to purchase via what store/website?