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Deal expiration

Deal Sharer

I bought an item at the grocery store the other day, about two hours before expiration.

however by the time I submitted my receipt, more than two hours had passed, and the item was gone from my offers list. My mistake!

Has anyone had any luck with ibotta customer care in this kind of situation in getting the credit?

My receipt would read that I purchased the item before expiration, but just didn’t submit it in time.

Wondering if it’s worth the effort of contacting them.

2 Replies

Re: Deal expiration

Deal Expert

try it they might give you a credit. You won't know unless you try. FYI for next time the manufacture sets the limits and once it's reach it gets pulled it doesn't matter if it has an expiration dat eor not.

Re: Deal expiration

Deal Sharer

If you purchase before expiration submit with a ticket and explain the situation they should still credit you it won’t hurt to try and see