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Rewards Hunter

Hi, I don't  use Ibotta very often. Especially in 2020. However, I went to start using it again, and noticed almost half the money I had earned was gone do to inactivity. It had taken me a couple of years just to get to the $20 so I could redeem it. But I left it in there and wanted to build it up and withdrawl if I really ever needed too. But when I looked at my account. It went from $27 to $14. Had I known that there was an "inactivity" fee, I would of just withdrawn the money. Now I'm sure, it was stated somewhere or an email was sent, but I never read it. A fee like that makes no sense at all. I would hope Ibotta would credit back customers accounts that have had this problem, but I sincerely doubt it. Its things like that companies do that stop me from referring people to their site. I know this sounds petty. But I also feel its petty of them to do this.

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Re: Deductions

Deal Master

If this had happened to me, I would be upset, too.

I believe if you opened a request and explained that you have not been using Ibotta due to the Pandemic, they might be willing to reverse the charges.  Be sure to detail each charge to your account.

Please be aware that requests are taking about a week for a response.


Re: Deductions

Rewards Guide

I understand where you’re coming from. But there is some cost to maintain our accounts since there is money involved—they have to store it somewhere so that you can withdraw it at any time. 

I believe it used to be a year of inactivity but it changed to 6 months at some point. Just make sure to redeem a rebate (even just an any item) once every few months if you intend to carry a balance until you reach a certain amount. 

Re: Deductions

Deal Expert

If you are inactive for 6 months they take out a fee every month until you reach zero or you start using it again. Every rebate/point app does this. It's so you don't stop using it. It is listed in the terms of use that you should of read when you were signing up.

Re: Deductions

Rewards Hunter

Bummer about the deductions I had no idea so thanks for sharing..