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Did not receive bonus


Has anyone had a problem receiving any of the Summer Cheese bonus? I just madey final.purchase for the Summer Cheese 3 bonus and didn't get it applied towards the bonus. I wrote in and explained that while I did get my cash back for the item, it did not get applied to my bonus. The response I got was just that he looked at my account and I received the cash back for the offer. Which is not the problem. I continue to not get credit towards certain bonuses and have given up on some because I hardly ever get the credit applied towards them. Anyone else?

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Re: Did not receive bonus

Shopping Enthusiast


I completed the cheese offer.  You will continue to receive rebates for items you purchase. To complete the bonus you have to purchase different qualifying products.. read the description when you see the word unique that means you must purchase the required quantity of products and duplicate or multiple purchases of the same item will not complete the bonus eventhough you receive a rebate. 

Purchase six different cheese products and you will receive the cheese bonus.   

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