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Double play bonus sweep

Deal Expert



Whew! That must have been the longest pending statuses for Kroger and Publix receipt submissions I've ever had to endure.  I finished shopping at Kroger then submitted my receipt to Ibotta roughly around 8p.  With a Publix basically next door and across the street I walked there and back after shopping and shooting my receipt roughly around 9a 

I spent more time at both places than I would have wanted to because they were both missing 2 items I really wanted (Grillo's pickles and Laughing Cow to-go at Kroger, single 8 oz containers of Senor Rico rice pudding and Laughing Cow to-go {again, another 'Nessie/🦄/Moby D!¢✓/Sasquatch/yeti item}) 

I checked Ibotta off and on the rest of the night and each time pending for both receipts

I hit the hay but surfed the net on my phone into the wee hours (shouldn't do that but oh well), then about 2a I see a little top edge email notification (Ibotta - account credited) so of course I clicked it and saw both receipts got processed - FINALLY! 

Sure, it was only a couple of 3 buckaroo bonuses, and I haven't had ANY double digit bonuses all month (my best so far were a pair of 5 buckaroo bonuses) so I went pretty slow and deliberate on my Ibotta shopping this whole month.  STILL, a double play sweep of TWO 3 buckaroo bonuses is almost as much a rush as finishing ONE $15-$25 bonus 

Today with no short or mid-range or marathon bonuses for me to chase after, today just may be the day I drop the 🔨 on the Blue Bunny and Yasso brand bonuses