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Earn more bonus completed

Shopping Enthusiast

I was shopping at Walmart today in the dairy department looking for Perfect bars.  

I accidently found a small tub of Challenge spreadable butter neatly tucked away on the butter shelf.   I have been looking for this product since it was listed as an item for the Challenge butter EMB.  I purchased the first half of this EMB in March and could not find the spreadable type anywhere I shopped and had given up on completing this EMB.  

I feel like I have caught one of those elusive unicorns or trolls.  

So with all the negative press bonuses have received in the last month or so here one with a happy ending. 

I found this item on the last day and checked out 4 minutes before it was to expire.  Good thing I have my Walmart account linked. 




Challenge butter EMB I'm ready for the road to 1 billion bonuses.

This is my Ibotta victory for today. What's your victory story. 

Every journey starts with the first step
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Re: Earn more bonus completed

Ultimate Saver

Just be aware that the expiration date on bonuses changes to the date/time you earned it.  It is possible you had more than 4 minutes left.