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Earn More Bonuses

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I have a concern about the Earn More Bonuses (EMB) in my gallery.  As of today I have a total of 72 EMB in my gallery this is how they are divided.

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Regardless of the amount of the I receive for the MWMM or WWB I always plan my shopping  trips around the products qualifying for EMB.  I stack multiple Ibotta offers to maximize my rewards. this is becoming complicated due to the fact many of the EMB offers in my gallery do not have qualifying products listed in my shopping gallery. 

I understand some products are only available for a designated time, quantity limitations or specific retailers.  This is what I have in my gallery I have started (In Progress) and not able to complete.

  1. Dunkin Girl Scott iced coffee  Exp 06/06/21   available at Walmart not linked to EMB 
  2. Energizer Max Battery Exp 04/30/21 available at multiple retailers not linked to EMB  
  3. Justin's Exp 10/31/21 Almond nut butter product no longer available

The following EMB are in my For you gallery

  1. Fanta Exp 05/31/21 no available products listed in shopping gallery added to gallery last week
  2. Banza Exp 08/19/21 no available products listed in shopping gallery
  3. Nature Made Exp 10/31/21

I have a total of 8 EMB that I would deem invalid offers account the lack of qualifying linked products. Even with this being known It wont delay my planned shopping trip today. I have carefully planned todays outing. My WWB is 5/10, I will stack this with a few EMB, any item, and FAO. 

I would think if an EMB do not have an accompanying product then I think it should be deleted until such time a corresponding products are available.  

This is my experience with EMB and if somewhere in the community history their is a similar topic it is not my intention to Post jack as I can assure you these are my own thoughts and experiences with Ibotta. 


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Re: Earn More Bonuses

Skilled Saver


I have experienced similar concerns.  I wonder if @LaraL would present this dilemma to the powers that be???

Re: Earn More Bonuses

Rewards Advocate

I have seen this too. I fulfilled an offer that was linked to an EMB. When it reloaded it did not attach to the bonus. No offers were listed. I fulfilled it again anyway since it was a good deal, then explained in a ticket with screenshots, and was given the Bonus credit.

Hopefully Ibotta is aware so that this can be fixed. Tagging Lara so she can add it on her list.

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Re: Earn More Bonuses

Deal Master

These bonus offers each have an expiration date and time.  Sometimes, the individual rebate offers get redeemed and no more are left.  When this happens, the individual rebate is no longer available.  But the Bonus has not expired yet.

I think it should be left there.  If Ibotta and the manufacturers decide to offer the individual rebates again, before the bonus expires, Ibotta SHOULD link the rebate and the bonus so that it can be redeemed again.

Just my thoughts.

Re: Earn More Bonuses

Skilled Saver


Certainly, a valid viewpoint. However, I think the bonus should still be removed until rebates are added, since it is confusing and can serve little purpose. I guess it is still advertisement, though, and maybe it relates to the advertising contract.

Re: Earn More Bonuses

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@mmoore01 Think we're saying similar things. Here's an example of what I saw: An EMB with only one offer listed and linked. Now imagine you buy it, get 1 of the 2 credits. Then the offer returns but is not linked to the bonus. Neither are expired, but they are not linked, though the bonus clearly names the offer. Seems like there is an issue with the app "finding" the bonuses when the offers reload to re-link the two

Some EMBs list multiple offers, and specify that we need to redeem unique offers. The above/below is different. Makes me hesitant going forward, which is why I agree that Ibotta should know.

I like your strategy of including EMBs in your plans. I don't look at those often.


Re: Earn More Bonuses

Rewards Whiz

So this great feedback, I agree that the Earn More Bonuses section could benefit from some improved curation. This likely isn't an easy fix for them to make but I will pass it along and maybe we can get some traction on it.

Re: Earn More Bonuses

Rewards Guide

Something is wrong with earn more bonuses - ibotta stopped crediting for them at all

Usually an offer requires a few purchases - Ibotta credit for 1st purchase and then stops.

I have to submit a ticket EVERY single time to get the bonus.

Re: Earn More Bonuses

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@limsy would you be willing to send me a specific example via private message so I can look into this? I'll send you a message to start a thread.

Re: Earn More Bonuses

Skilled Saver


Thank you again.

I have one more thought about the EMB’s: is there any information ibotta has gleaned from us individually that could help them to at least splatter in a few EMB’s  that are tailored to our shopping preferences? Lately, there have been only a few that interest me.