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Everyone should get the same bonuses

Deal Sharer

I got a midweek bonus requiring that I buy 10 items for a $1 rebate. I see that many others received a much better bonus. I’ve enjoyed Ibotta but Thomas are so different and so unfair now.

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Re: Everyone should get the same bonuses

Skilled Saver

I got the $1/10 too and completed it today.   Sometimes you'll get really good ones and other times not so much.  Be happy for the offers you are given, as you could have gotten nothing like other users instead.  I look at it like it's a dollar more than I had in my acct yesterday! 

Re: Everyone should get the same bonuses

Deal Master


Please remember that Ibotta is a marketing company.  They are paid to advertise products.  I suspect that their algorithms to pay for buying products use your purchase history and the items you have redeemed along with how long you have been with Ibotta.

As you become more active in Ibotta, your bonuses should go up.  They only have so much money to give out.  When you think of the THOUSANDS of users in Ibotta, giving $5 bonuses to each one would be expensive.

Re: Everyone should get the same bonuses

Rewards Guide

Mine is $1.00 for 15 items.  I probably won’t be doing this because I don’t need anything. Picked up all my holiday needs on the weekend.

Re: Everyone should get the same bonuses

Skilled Saver

I am sorry that you didn't like your bonus. One thing to keep in mind though is that they seem to be tailored to the user depending on how often they use Ibotta. When I first started, I had bonuses that gave like $1.00 for 5-10 offers redeemed. In the beginning as a new user, this was a challenge to complete. If I had to redeem more offers to earn a bonus, it would have been too overwhelming and I would have quit. As I had more experience with Ibotta, my bonuses got more challenging but I was able to handle them better. As you use Ibotta more, you might start seeing better bonuses but keep in mind that they may be more challenging.

Re: Everyone should get the same bonuses

Core Shopper

It's better then nothing.  But bonuses do vary by account. There is some algorithm as some say you can make a guess after a while since there is some pattern.  I never really collected all the detail data to analyze in detail (call me lazy).  I did notice at least the more you buy the higher offer count you need for those special 2 week bonuses.  At least when comparing with friends that use Ibotta also.