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Feeling dissatisfied

Rewards Hunter

Ive been doing this for maybe 3 weeks on an invite. Boughts groceries online and instore. Uploaded my reciepts but got no reward and most things are on the list. Beginning to think this is a scam.

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Re: Feeling dissatisfied

Rewards Hunter

When you order/shop online, do you open the place you're ordering from through Ibotta? I didn't realize what a difference that would make but it's really big!  Also if you want to team up with me your welcome to. I don't have other teammates yet..I got rid of a real life friend.. Or not friend lol.. The other day.


Good luck to you.. The community here had a lot of good points.. So much so I've earned $15 in less than 2 months.

Re: Feeling dissatisfied

Deal Expert

Did you click on the items you bought before you bought them? Did you buy what the item is exactly in the fine print if you don't you do not get credit. It's not a scam I've been with ibotta for a long time and I always get my credit. Depending on retailer it can take up to 90 days for credit. You need to put in a ticket with pics of everything if you did it correctly and didn't get credit.

Re: Feeling dissatisfied

Deal Master

@LolaD76  It's not a scam, but you do have to make sure you select the offers and scan the barcodes (if you are in store).  You have to go through the app first and make sure everything is linked.  I don't do much online shopping and when I do, all I end up doing is confusing myself.  You also (in many cases) cannot combine online promos with Ibotta offers - for example if the website gives you 30% off, you can't stack the Ibotta offer with it - you HAVE TO read the fine print (which I have very little patience doing). 

Re: Feeling dissatisfied



Trust us, it is NOT a scam. I have earned almost $1,400 since April 2020, and spent most of it too. 
It does take some patience and practice.  
- You must add items to your list before you shop, - you can verify that you have the correct item by scanning items in the store when shopping. 
- sometimes the app is not perfect and you have to submit a ticket to the help desk   
- multiple purchases count as 1 item toward bonuses. 
- you have to scan your receipt in a lighted place and touch the screen to focus. 
- rebates expire so I always double check in the store. 
- rebates are different at different retailers   
- you can double dip with other apps like and Fetch

We share lots of tips in this forum as we discover new things like resubmitting a receipts and opportunities to double dip.  
It took me a few months to get the hang of things. The forums helps. A few of us posted tips for new members, check them out. Hang in there, ask questions here, folks are very helpful. This app works. 
Happy Shopping and saving!