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Finished Drinks for Dad then The Climb

Deal Expert




This was all just too #€[[@©iously cool!

I was in Kroger, looking for a CHEAP alcoholic drink offer. I needed ONLY ONE more for the Drinks for Dad bonus and today is the last for it, ditto with The Climb bonus. Then much to my pleasant surprise I found the White Claw Surge offer (a single 16 oz can) was back just a day after I redeemed it. I was walking distance from a QuikTrip, the very same one where I  completed my previous White Claw Surge offer. So I left Kroger for the QuikTrip, completed it, got the Drinks for Dad bonus and was JUST ONE OFFER AWAY from The Climb bonus and walked back to Kroger, dropping the last shoe for The Climb bonus by buying a Sara Lee 4-pack of mini cheesecakes 

Last weekend with NO BONUSES PERIOD to chase after, not even a 2WB, I completed just enough offers - 8 - to finish Level 1, far cry from this weekend