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Gift Cards towards welcome bonus

Rewards Hunter

Can I buy some eGift Cards in the app to reach the 9 offer requirement for the $15 welcome bonus? Is that a proven method or do receipt scanning offers count towards the welcome bonus and no other types of offers will count towards the 9 redemptions?

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Re: Gift Cards towards welcome bonus

Rewards Hunter

Most gift cards do not commonly count as an item to be redeemed as an offer. Best bet is to go through the lists of available items for in store purchases, OR read the details about what counts towards cash back when shopping online through the app. 🙂

Re: Gift Cards towards welcome bonus

Deal Master

I believe @Jihopcobel was talking about Gift Cards (formally known as Pay with Ibotta).  Yes, buying gift cards through Ibotta does count as offer purchases on bonuses.  I don't think they count toward Online Bonuses, though.

As for your $15 Welcome Bonus, you need to read the fine print.  Ibotta keeps changing the promotions to get people to sign up.  You need to follow the details exactly to receive the $15 Welcome Bonus.