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How come I don't receive bonuses?

Rewards Hunter

Hello, I joined ibotta about a month ago but beyond the welcome bonus of $10 I have never had another bonus offer, like the mid week bonus, weekend warrior bonus, pumpkin bonus ect...

Is something wrong with my account because my friend signed up around the same time and she gets all those bonuses! 

I'm disappointed because that's why I signed up to save money!

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Re: How come I don't receive bonuses?

Shopping Enthusiast

Welcome @betht824.  They will come.  I received my first bonuses after 6 weeks.  

Re: How come I don't receive bonuses?

Shopping Enthusiast


If you are using an android device try clearing your cache and see what happens. 

Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: How come I don't receive bonuses?

Rewards Guide

Yes. It takes at least 6 weeks before you start to receive bonuses. I think Ibotta just wants to know you will hang around for awhile before they start rewarding you.  Hang in there. They will arrive soon.