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How Do I Activate A Bonus (RedBull)

Deal Sharer

Hey Everybody,


Could somebody help me with activating the bonus I have a Red Bull I have the receipt and I have you know the barcode and all that stuff on the receipt I just don't know how to activate it it's not letting me do it it's there's one of two and I have the one and I know it saves it cuz I've done the egg one and I'm in the process of that and I've started to snapple one and I'm in the process of doing that but I don't know how I did them so could somebody please help me get this Red Bull one going thank you

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Re: How Do I Activate A Bonus (RedBull)

Skilled Saver

You should not have to activate a bonus. They should automatically count when you redeem a participating offer.  You may want to check that you bought the correct item, amount and from the corre t retailer.