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I'm new

Rewards Hunter

Good day everyone 

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Re: I'm new

Shopping Enthusiast

Hello, Welcome to the Community .  


Re: I'm new

Deal Ambassador

Good day to you too! Welcome aboard and have fun saving saving saving. For me, i most definitley joined to find good deals and save $$$ which i definitley have, and now,, its become a hobby for me to find the good deals and carry them out at the store. I've learned alot from a some very nice people (felsky, rikkibotta, icequeen, Janet 1964, mmoore) the community is a great place to ask questions and learn alot of tips. Good luck and have fun with it:)

Re: I'm new

Super Saver

@Donna2 Awww! You are very nice also!


Re: I'm new

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Welcome to the community.

What stores do you typically use for groceries?

“2022 New Year's Resolution: It’s time for me to be doing what I have been doing and that time is every day .”

Re: I'm new

Deal Master

@AdrienneKendra  Welcome - there is a pretty long thread that we all posted on recently that can give you a lot of ideas (from a user point of view).  We are generally a friendly bunch - join in on any conversation, ask anything you want.  @Donna2   Thanks for the kind words - it's always nice to hear them.  I feel the same way - I can joke with my "imaginary friends" all the time, and it's so nice to have people with similar viewpoints as yours.