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I made it!

Super Saver

I made the weekend warrior, level 4, September leaves bonuses today for a total of $17 plus the $16.80 from the offers which made this happen.


 I am so excited. I never expected this when I started using the app in Sept 2020 for the first time. I could not have made it without this community and the idea sharing. I hope I can help someone else like you guys helped me.

my total before coupons was $80.98 and after all rebates, my oop was $16.71.

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Re: I made it!

Deal Ambassador

@Janet1964 WooHoo! I am so excited for you hitting your goal! That is awesome! And you posting your deals has helped me more than once so you have already helped someone. Several someones I'm sure! 

Re: I made it!

Deal Master

@Janet1964   We all understand - whether you are trying to hit $100, $500, $1000 etc - it's an accomplishment.  Just think about all the people you helped with these free or discounted offers, and know you have made a bunch of friends here also.  

Re: I made it!


@Janet1964  Woohoo!!  So impressive. Congratulations on reaching your goal. 🛒

Re: I made it!


Congratulations on reaching your goal...👏👏

Re: I made it!

Rewards Advocate

@Janet1964 SO AWESOME!!! 👏 😎 Thank you for sharing your deals and finds and inspiring us all! Congratulations! 🍾