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Rewards Hunter

Is this app worth it?

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Re: Ibotta

Super Saver

Ibotta is totally worth it for me! It satisfies me on various levels:

  1. I enjoy doing puzzles, and playing with ibotta feels like doing a puzzle as I strive to stack offers with sales and other grocery apps in order to get items for FREE/MM. 
  2. I enjoy grocery shopping, so I'm delighted to go to multiple stores, multiple times a week to snag good deals.
  3. I love to get a good deal, a great savings: Why pay more-for-less when you can pay less-for-more?
  4. I delight in sharing/donating items that we don't use (which happens to be the majority of things I get when ibotta-ing).
  5. I cannot leave things on a store-shelf, when I know that I could "buy it for FREE/MM."