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Invalid for online purchase TWICE!!!

Rewards Hunter

I made purchase with Grove and Green Chef with ibotta actived but didn't receive the cashback confirmation.

It said there would be 55% cash back with Grove which was a lie. I sent the message to the support team and they just asked me to wait for confirmation.

Okay, I think maybe it just an accident. On Jan 17, I saw a flash cash with green chef, I registered and subscribed my first box. Until I received the box there was no pending cash with green chef. I asked the support team about this issue. The first reason they said I was not a NEW subscriber. How ridiculous that an old subscriber could get a first box? And then they said I used the wrong promotion code or there's other app running in the background. If I still used the wrong code after I activated ibotta offer, does it mean ibotta cannot guarantee any cash back and it just lies to users?

If anyone has similar experiences or know how to solve these problem, pls commend so everyone can see.

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Re: Invalid for online purchase TWICE!!!

Rewards Hunter

Same here, never get my earned money!! I connected my store accounts with Ibotta, sometimes I use the Ibotta app before shopping. Either way, the items I’ve bought should have earned bonuses, but they never show up. I go to Sams and use Scan and Go, but don’t have a receipt to scan. The same with ordering online and pick up. I used to like Ibotta, but lately it seems like a WASTE of time and money by choosing the bonus products they advertise. Seems more like a scam. I don’t think I will be using it anymore.