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Lucky strike bonus

Rewards Hunter

Quick question. I was trying to complete my lucky strike bonus that expires at 1:59am on 10-01-22. I was doing a Walmart order and before I could finish the order an alert came up in my Walmart app that said my store was closed because of Hurricane Ian and I was told they would not open again until Saturday. If I submit my order tonight and it is pending on 10-1-22 will my offers count? I can’t pick up my order until Sunday 10-2-22:( because of the storm. 

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Re: Lucky strike bonus

Deal Master

If you place the order by 9/30, it should count towards your Lucky Strike bonus.  However, be aware that you may not get everything that you order.

For example, if you place an order for 10 items that have an offer in Ibotta, all that you need to earn the bonus, just one out of stock item will cause you to miss the bonus.

With the hurricane, more items could be out of stock.  You have a greater chance of missing the bonus.

Even adding 50% more to your order might not help.

Ordering from other sources might be more work, but I feel you have a great chance of getting it during this time.

I still need 10 more by today.  I am hoping my Walmart will be open today.  I was able to get 6 items last night at Publix.