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Re: Merry & Bright Bonus

Deal Master

@Icequeen813  So tempted.  Still planning that road trip to see @Tikiki someday.  Leave a light on.  Happy New Year!

Re: Merry & Bright Bonus

Super Saver

I did it! I actually did 17 offers today.

I had a .75 any receipt offer show up while at the store today. 

and I made my goal of $4,000 club before the end of the year. I am actually at 4,069. Yaah!! 

I shopped for 6 straight hours today. I am exhausted, but I got some great deals to share in another post.

I redeemed my rewards for the first time today on Receipt Hog for a $25 Amazon GC. I can’t wait to decide what to spend it on.

I received my fifth check this year from Checkout 51 on Tuesday - so I have made over $100 in 2021.

I am attending a conference in January at the beach and the theme is Hawaiian vacation. I used Amazon gift cards from receipt pal & coinout apps to buy 2 Hawaiin shirts for me & hubby to wear to opening party.

I scored $80 in rewards from my credit card company this month for my grocery & gas purchases since mid November. I have until late January to spend them.

it is my second largest earnings month with Ibotta at  $346. Last month was $375.

My pre coupon total today was $252.34 and my total  oop was $70.57 which included $50 in restaurant gift cards to use next month at the conference at the beach, which is a 72% savings.


Re: Merry & Bright Bonus

Deal Expert


Yea!!! I knew you would do it!. I finished M&B yesterday but still need 4 to finish ww. Can't wait to see your haul.  Congratulations,  you are a great motivator.  I look forward to all the hauls and deals in 2022 from all the community members.

Re: Merry & Bright Bonus


I got my food lion offers from Wednesday added 1/2 hour ago and I got manual credit for 3 of them which means I was 3 short but I got 3 $5 gc for 3 offers and pulled it off. I had given up on it after I emailed yesterday about it and didn't hear back til this morning and then I had a mess of trouble sending 20+ pictures through Gmail (learned you can't use drive).

Lesson learned even harder this time is to not do Food Lion for last minute bonus finishing.