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Mid week bonus and any other bonuses

Rewards Hunter

I have not received any mid week or any weekender or even any extra bonus offers for at least 3 weeks. My referrals receive theirs. Does anyone know why this would happen?

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Re: Mid week bonus and any other bonuses

Skilled Saver

@jodeci77   Bonuses are always going to be random.  But this month has been off for a lot of users.  I've only gotten 1 big bonus that runs the month - Jack O Lantern $45/140.  Almost everyone that got this month long bonus, hasn't, and will not receive a weekend warrior or midweek bonus.  Some lucky users who got the Jack O Lantern are still getting WW & MW.  Unfortunately, some users haven't gotten any bonuses at all.   I know it sucks not getting a bonus.  I usually miss one here or there, but never gone the entire month.  Here's to hoping November will bring some awesome bonuses!

Re: Mid week bonus and any other bonuses

Core Shopper

@jodeci77 what @MelissaR said. Haven't received any weekly bonuses either, only the jack o lantern bonus so far this month. I've been working on that one but it's been a slog! 


Re: Mid week bonus and any other bonuses

Shopping Enthusiast


The bonuses have ceased for many users during the month of October.  @LaraL explained the reason for the lack of bonuses Another Bonusless Monday morning see the replies marked as solution. 

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