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MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Super Saver

My MWMM is $1/15.

What's yours?
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Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Skilled Saver

Mine is $1/5.

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Deal Ambassador

Mine is $3/15. I also have 15 to go to complete level 3 so I'm going after it. I have a few more FAO to put towards it......bulletproof and rinds from whole foods, and an ohi bar from natural grocers. I haven't played seek and find for new offers yet this morn. I did see the kind thins post so adding Target to my list as well.

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Rewards Guide


easy buck—figures we just had a ton of snow dumped on us last night. See what target online has to offer that I can pick up in a couple days lol. 

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Core Shopper

I dont have one??

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Rewards Guide

Ibotta going cheap this week. Mine is also 15 offers for a lousy buck. Since I still need an ungodly 33 offers just to complete level 2, not going to actively pursue this one. Good luck to you all. Congrats to those that need only 5 and to those getting more than a dollar.

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Shopping Enthusiast

Mine is 1/8 and I need 8 more items to complete my 2nd monthly bonus. 


Don't let what you don't have prevent you from enjoying what you do have.

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Deal Master

$5/15 - probably because I haven't done any of the last few bonuses. Likely wont get to this one either til things settle in.

Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021


Mine is $5/15. When I click on it, it says bonus not found so I'm not sure if I'm going to try it or not.


Re: MidWeek MM 2-15-2021

Deal Master

@What-Shot  8 for$3 & I earned today along w February level 2