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Miss points

Rewards Hunter

Hello my names kimla Allen and I submitted a target receipt with qualifying product and have not received my points 

[Image removed]

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Re: Miss points

Deal Master

The Ibotta Community is made up of users like you.  We can't fix any problems.

I would recommend removing the photo of your receipt.  There is enough information there for someone to take credit for it 

For Ibotta issues, you need to open a request.  I usually open a request by going into the app, go to your account profile and then select Help.  You then need to follow the prompts to open a request.

You can also send an email to

I assumed you wanted help with Ibotta.  I wasn't sure since Ibotta earns cash, not points.  If you are referring to another savings app, then you need to contact that app's support.

Good luck.