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Money March Bonus

Rewards Hunter

Can anyone help me understand this a little better? It says

• Offers redeemed more than once on a receipt will only count 1x towards the bonus.”

Does this mean I need 20 separate receipts for this to work or can I have 20 different offers on one receipt? 

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Re: Money March Bonus

Deal Expert

It means if an offer is limit of 5 and you buy 5 it only counts for 1 for bonuses not 5. Example you buy 5 soups it will count for 1 offer for your bonuses.

Re: Money March Bonus

Core Shopper

So, no, you don’t need 20 different receipts. The offers can all be on the same receipt. But as @Dana said, if you buy more than one item for a specific offer, that just counts as one offer.


Re: Money March Bonus

Deal Ambassador

You can redeem multiple qualifying items on each receipt.  Multiple like items will only count once toward applicable bonuses. 

For example; soft drink can redeem X 5 times,  like items are rewarded 1 bonus credit

Ready, Set, Shop

Re: Money March Bonus

Core Shopper

Just wanted to add a heads up in case you are planning to buy things on multiple receipts. Just because you can redeem an offer 3 times does not mean if you redeem it once it will automatically reappear with 2 more offers.

Most offers disappear after your first submission or come back with a lower offer amount. So if your going to buy 3 of anything I would do it all on one receipt because if you split it you may not get the chance to submit the others.

hope this helps