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Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Deal Expert

@OBSHOP @Tikiki 

I got  a whopping $1/15! YIKES! But I also have the Field goal $3/5 to lessen the disappointment.  Will definitely get 5 offers but would have liked a better stack.😂🤣😅 I have had a long streak of great mwmmb's and wwb's so am ok with this.  Going out this pm to fulfill my list.

Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Deal Ambassador

No MW showed up for me (even after clearing cache and restarting phone) 😞  But I still needed to complete the Field Goal bonus, so I got that done between Whole Foods & Winn Dixie. 

Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Deal Master

@OBSHOP  et al $1/10 just completed 


Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Rewards Guide

Mine is only $3/15, so I will skip it this week. I managed to stack my Halftime Bonus, WW bonus and my Field Goal bonus this weekend, so I think I did pretty well.

Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Skilled Saver

$1/10. I won't get this one as payday isn't for another 2 weeks and that's when I can go grocery shopping again. I had a good month for bonuses though. I managed to get two major bonuses completed this month and a few smaller ones without chasing them so I am ok with letting this bonus pass.

Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Shopping Enthusiast


I received 3/6 and didn't find anything needed or wanted. I barley made 6 items at Walmart tonight of which 1 was a GC.  To top that off I didn't receive credit for one of the items.  I will see how the Care Team responds to my TT...

Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: MWMM 01/31/22

Skilled Saver

@OBSHOP Nice bonus you got there! I got $1/$10, which is better than the $1/12, $1/15, or $3/15 I usually get......

...EXCEPT over the weekend when, like @Shopgirl, I was able to stack a great WW bonus with the Halftime and Field Goal bonuses, making for some awesome trips!

Like @Leah1 mentioned, I usually get rebates with 10 to 15 offers that need redemption, otherwise I would have likely held out until Monday to finish the Field goal bonus so I could stack with the new mwmm bonus. 

Ibotta keeps us on our toes. Just when you think you have a bonus system down or think you know what to expect, they change it on you. They're smart, that way. Keeps you engaged, like playing a game... A game where we can save/make money, though! 👍