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MWMM 2B or not 2B

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Current trends of weekly bonuses many Ibotta shoppers look forward to are seeming to decrease or are focused toward certain groups of Ibotta users.  Nothing against the in-crowd or those that have achieved icon status.  I searched my old emails from the beginning of the year to see have I missed invitations to  join the prestigious in-crowd  or an icon status user.  I have only been an Ibotta user for one year now and during that time I have redeemed $2,000.00 in rewards and counting.  

Will Ibotta present another opportunity for more users to participate in the in-crowd or additional bonus programs other the earn more and mothy level bonuses.  I enjoy receiving rewards for buying products I already use and having the opportunity to try new brands.  

I believe Ibotta as a MLM firm is achieving their goal of creating and monitoring consumer trends. By rewarding shopper with bonuses. Additionally the input from conversations in the forums also provide viable information about what motivates shoppers to buy certain products.  I am starting to look for more FAO and BOGO items on my shopping excursions. 

The power of the bonus influences shopping. Upon receipt of my MWMM this morning 1 / 8 I have already devised my shopping strategy for today to stack bonuses, coupons, FAO, BOGO, and store rewards to make the most of Ibotta offers. 

I enjoy shopping my new hobby when I'm not fishing Ibotta keep the bonuses coming everybody  stay safe, be kind to humanity, and masked up



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Re: MWMM 2B or not 2B

Deal Expert

They do the in crowd once a year and change who gets it. Last year I didn't get it this year I did next year I probalbly won't. I don't know why they keep it in beta since I'm sure they got all the info they needed for it last year. They said once it's out of beta it will be available for all users I don't think that is going to happen.


Re: MWMM 2B or not 2B


Woza!! $2,000!! That's awesome!!I thought I was doing great to hit the $250 mark. Lol although I have been a member since 2016 I was not active for a few years and just started back up. I've earned $55 in last 2 week's (and I thought that was doing gd) so I'm loving Ibotta like I never have before. I do my majority of groceries at Walmart pickup and I'm loving how much easier it then it used to be scanning all your purchased products and taking pics of receipts. I'm happy to have found this (new to me) community for helpful tips to earn more.