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Re: Mwmm 3/21/22

Skilled Saver

@SaverGirl67 There's a $1.00/1 mymochi printable coupon available at

I'm not sure whether what you've been buying qualifies for the coupon,  but it's worth checking out if you haven't already.

Re: Mwmm 3/21/22

Rewards Guide

$1.00 for 15. Of course I am passing on this bonus. Lol

Re: Mwmm 3/21/22

Skilled Saver

I had $3/6 and managed to finish it last night when I wiped out my Shamrock Bonus.  I was laid up with a Migraine Sunday and yesterday so last night when I was feeling human again I bought the 8 gift cards I needed to finish out the shamrock and inadvertently finished my MWMM too.