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MWMM 6/14/21

Super Saver

Oh yeah!  


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Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Deal Sharer

Eeeee fingers crossed!

I haven't received the MWMM or WW in a hot minute. Though the $10/30 Grand Slam was fantastic so I guess I shouldn't try to be too spoiled haha


Edit: I spoke too soon. $5/18 .... we'll see how the sale ads line up with offers 👍

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Deal Master

@Be-Bop-A-Lula  $1/10 - not great - but this looks like another busy work week for me (and as I said in other post - dentist today to finish the post and crown) - root canal was the week before. 

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Core Shopper

Mine is $1/8. That's doable but not a huge incentive. Can't really complain though. I finished the Grand Slam bonus and got an Icon special $5/1 for passing $500 in rebates. And we know that there won't be a WW later this week so it's this or nothing extra. 

Have to get out this afternoon and hope to get my 8 offers today. 

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Deal Expert

Nothing yet.  I hope something shows up later.

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Skilled Saver

I got $3/15. I am going to try for it!

@TXbelle , as far as I’m aware I think we should still be getting WW this week. 😄 @LaraL  mentioned that there will be no WW the week of 6/24-6/27, though. 

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Deal Sharer

Ditto @mmoore01 @nothing here either, in fact my bonuses. Completed already (grand slam, June level) I got paid for but are still showing up in my bonuses. I think I’m having a slight glitch, I tried resetting by pulling down so I’ll check back. 

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Shopping Enthusiast

@FelskyNY @Be-Bop-A-Lula  $1/10 not chasing I made all my deals this week w savings apps.

Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Super Saver

Hopefully just a staggered release for those still waiting.  Party at my house today for anyone who is not going shopping.  I’ve been prepping food all morning, but pics were denied?  


Re: MWMM 6/14/21

Rewards Advocate


That's a great surprise to start off the week. I hope to receive something soon.  I need 7 more items to complete level 2.

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