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Never get bonuses

Rewards Hunter

I have been using ibotta for about a month and I don’t get any bonuses like other people. The only I got It was at the beginning, my welcome bonus and that’s it 

is there something I can do? I use ibotta at least once a week 

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Re: Never get bonuses

Deal Expert

It's random. You should be getting the monthly level bonuses in your earn more section of your phone app though

Re: Never get bonuses

Skilled Saver

@DianaPlang  You probably need to give it some time. If you only use Ibotta once a week, and depending on how many offers you redeem,they might want to see more usage before they start offering bonuses. I’m not sure, the bonus system is a mystery to me. 

Re: Never get bonuses

Deal Ambassador


Welcome to ibotta.  I'm no expert on the reason bonuses are distributed the way that they are. However here in this forum you should read some of the post on bonuses. You might be able to get a better understanding of how ibotta works. 

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