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No fair

Rewards Hunter

I keep getting beat for lack of a better term out of money i earn on receipts ive submitted lately. I'm very upset. Ibotta's reasons make no sense and of course ive thrown away the reciepts by the time they inform me for whatever reason they come up with for not crediting me. I absolutely love ibotta but slowly falling out of love 

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Re: No fair

Rewards Hunter

I have also had this problem! I have learned to check for items I did not get credit for.  Several times, I’ve had to take a picture of receipt and barcode of item AND the offer on Ibotta. On top of that, each request requires a ton of information! It’s a nightmare when, of course, I should’ve gotten the credit automatically.  So far, they have issued the missing credits, but it’s a pain! 


Re: No fair

Deal Ambassador

@Tessica1 @Kriscaramel I'm curious what some of the reasons say from Ibotta when they notify you? Fortunately I haven't had this problem and can understand your frutatiotion for sure so just wondering if you could share some of the reasons.

Re: No fair

Rewards Hunter

No explanation is given...I received an email stating that my account has been credited for those particular items. 

Re: No fair

Super Saver

This has happened to me numerous times over my years of ibotta-ing. Here are the tricks I've learned to assist me (assuming that the items have matched when submitted in the first place):

  1. I take a screenshot of the verification screen of offers ibotta recognizes as "matched" before I submit it.
  2. I NEVER discard receipts or packaging of items until my account has been credited. In the rare case I do disccard something before credited, I take a pic of it before discarding.
  3. If/when ibotta misses something that had originally "matched" but I did not receive credit, I submit a ticket and I explain exactly what the original offer was, what item(s) missed, how much I should be credited for item(s), how many "items" I should be credited for any bonuses that did not process.
  4. I have never had an occasion that ibotta refused to credit after detailing my case. 

I agree it's frustrating at times! When I was a newbie and had my first experience with a rejected offer, I simply responded: Why? And, not surprisingly, I got a canned response. But when I take the time to "explain & state my case (armed with pics/screenshots)," I've always received credit (even tho I often wonder if my time is worth the effort).