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No getting texts

Rewards Hunter

I have opted in  multiple times for texts and never get them.  The last two times there were the text bonus I found out via Facebook.  I would text the correct answer and get no response.  So then would re-opt in and try again...Still no response.  So for kicks I texted in a incorrect answer and what do you know I got the response "Sorry you are incorrect, please try again" So then I would text in the correct answer and NO RESPONSE!  I submitted a ticket and was told to close the app, update to most current version, power off my phone, update my device, etc.  I did all these things and still no response for correct answers, but I will get response Every time I text an incorrect one.  Has this happened to anyone else????  I know it's not my cell phone plan or phone as my husband gets them and we have the same exact type of phone and are on the same phone plan.

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Re: No getting texts

Deal Master

@bfutrell  I haven't been getting the text alerts, but I have been getting the bonuses when I respond correctly.  (finding out about it on Instagram) My neighbor (who I shop with a lot) is however having the same problem you are having.  She will send the correct answer and get no response - and she did the same thing, power on, power off, update etc.