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Number of Offers

Deal Sharer

Is there any bonus or credit due to the number of offers we complete each month? Now that we don't complete 20 or more for monthly bonuses,  how do we know how many we complete each month? 

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Re: Number of Offers

Skilled Saver

@Gogozinn  The monthly level bonuses are gone, so there's no extra bonus credit going forward.  Honestly, I never paid attention to the number of offers I redeemed even when I'd hit Level 1 or 2.  Very rarely hit Level 3 anyway.  I suppose if you wanted to, you could keep track yourself using the bonuses that are offered.  Like if you get $5/15 weekend warrior then 5/$15 midweek, that's gonna be 30 offers right there. 

Re: Number of Offers

Rewards Whiz

That assumes you get the Mid-Week or Weekend Warrior bonuses.  I haven't gotten them at all this month.

I prefer to look at how much I have earned.  Since I didn't get any bonuses, my earnings are way down.

I am hoping that November will be better.

Re: Number of Offers

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

November will be much better, I can assure you of that.