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Online order

Rewards Hunter

Why is my online purchase not showing up. Ordered from Home Depot the Saturday after black friday using chrome extension. 

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Re: Online order

Rewards Guide

Do you mean, why is it not showing up as pending? Or why is it not showing as posted as a rebate?


I don’t have a ton of experience with online orders, but I have done a few that didn’t show anything for several days and didn’t show as pending. It depends a lot on how quick the store gets the info to ibotta….also, some store offers/sales are not eligible for ibotta, depending on the store.  hopefully someone with experience with Home Depot shopping can help 🙂 


tldr: it depends 😛 

Re: Online order

Ultimate Saver


Online rebates can be pending for up to 90 days.  The Ibotta app says you will get cash back within 7 days, which is not bad for Online purchases.

Always read the details for Online purchases.  My app currently says Home Depot offers are not valid for Gift Cards, Parts and Service, with coupons, promo codes or discounts.  Obviously, no credit for cancelled, returned or exchanged orders.  You cannot add your items to your cart before activating the offer in the Browser Extension.

There are several places to see if the order is pending.  Check your Activity (the bell in the top right corner of Home).  However, some online orders do not show up here right away.

If you go to Account in the app, right under the Withdraw earnings button, it can say there is something pending.  You can click See Transactions to see a list of pending transactions.  This doesn't always show.

The other place to look is on Account, then My Earnings.  Pending transactions will be listed as Amount Pending, but you may have to scroll down a page or two, depending on how much activity you have going on.

If you don't see anything within the week for Home Depot, I would open a request.  Go to Account, then Help.  Submit a Request is at the top of the page.