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Online Shopping Bonus

Rewards Hunter

did the date change in the online bonuses? I’m positive they expired 01/01/21, but now they say they expire tomorrow... 

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Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Deal Expert

A lot of people have stated that but I think it's a glitch a lot of people still have 1/1 including me.

Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Rewards Guide

Just got an email stating due to popularity, they expire tomorrow. I get ending it early but geeze. I don’t even know how many I’ve had cause half of them haven’t even popped up yet. 

Re: Online Shopping Bonus


Yep. They emailed saying they changed it. Complete BS if you ask me. 

Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Rewards Hunter

I think it's completely unethical to change the end date just because people are actually taking advantage of it. 

Re: Online Shopping Bonus


Considering all the ones I did either haven't posted yet or never showed up (,I have a ticket submitted) this has been a problem from the get-go.

If anything, they should've either clarified it (with regards to what counts, pending, posted etc or extended so all things bought during the promotion would count.)

We of right now, I could but 200 olive offers and none of it would count because none of them will post by expiration!

Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Deal Master

Bonuses are based on when the order was placed, not when it posts in Ibotta or the pending period.  If you made enough qualifying purchases before it is gone, you will get your money.

Just like rebate offers, bonuses have a maximum amount of offers.  They could tell that a lot of people were going to try for these bonuses.  Online sales for many stores have broke records and they projected poorly.

I agree it would be nice to see how many offers are left, but they probably don't want people to give up when there are only a few left.

I was hoping to get further, but it looks like I will only get the first one.  Better than none.

Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Deal Sharer

This was so disappointing. So many people are financially hurting because of Covid.  I, personally, have saved my Ibotta savings for several months so I could do Christmas shopping.  I don’t order a lot online, but decided to try this bonus. Now, after spending my money on a few orders, it is being pulled out from under us.  I am very thankful for Ibotta’s free Thanksgiving meal and many of their great rebates.  But this move was not cool.  

Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Rewards Hunter

It is completely unethical. I planned on finishing these on my coming payday. The original ending time of these bonuses changed how I did my shopping, and Ibotta changed it on us. Ibotta is pathetic like that at times, showing they have no concern for their customers.

Re: Online Shopping Bonus

Deal Master

I think the problem was that so many people were ordering small items (such as photographs) that the vendors were losing money.  (That's not what they had in mind - A LA WALGREENS) Keep in mind every time you place an order, someone has to pull the item and prepare it for pick up and bring it out to you, that costs time and money.  So in the end, companies were LOSING money.  Companies that EMPLOYEE people like you and me. So even though a lot of you are disappointed and were using the bonus to your advantage, in the end, it just didn't pay to continue it.  Ibotta did not "pull the offer".  They are "ending the offer early".  They gave you time to complete the bonuses that you had started.  You can still order things online with % back.  You just won't get a $10 bonus in the end, but you are still getting a savings.  I for one did not participate in the "Great Online Bonus Fiasco of 2020".  Just my thoughts.