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Super slow redemptions????

Rewards Hunter

I missed my Make it Rein bonus by 3 even though I had 5 offers that popped up right away but 1 needed reviewed. It took them 2 days to review. They owed me $10 (I took a screenshot) and they gave me $2. This happened TWICE in one night. One receipt was supposed to be $10 (mentioned above) and one was supposed to be $9 and they gave me $1 😑 Now I have to go through the whining process. What is up lately?!?!?

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Re: Super slow redemptions????

Deal Expert

It went through as the wrong amount or is it pending the wrong amount? pending is never correct once it goes through it's right. Was is a linked store linked credit normally takes up to 48 hours people have stated 3-5 days some longer. Was is an online purchase those can take up to 90 days.