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The Wait is going to KILL me

Skilled Saver

Lucky for me, the Ibotta Days Bonus coincided nicely with QVC's Christmas in July weekend.  I was going to be shopping anyway so YAY Bonus.  I wasn't thinking when I placed my last order, it was for some goodies that won't be delivered till November and QVC won't bill till they ship.  I got the email that the transaction was pending and read the fine print.  I will still get my cash back on the order plus the bonus but not till my order ships or QVC's order cancellation date passes.  UGH, I should have split up my purchases better, this wait will drive me crazy.  

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Re: The Wait is going to KILL me

Shopping Enthusiast


I know what you mean.  I have made several online purchases from Sam's. The 90 days pending period starts.  One rebate wasn't awarded until the 90th day while the other was received a week after items were delivered... word to the wise keep track of your balance as you receive rebates from online purchases with long pending periods.

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