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Trying to get friends to join

Rewards Hunter

Why is it so hard to convince your friends and family to use this app, you would think the fact that I’ve made over $1000 off it in 2 years would be convincing enough but, it’s not. I’m constantly telling my friends and family members about the benefits of this app and 80 percent of them think it’s a scam. The other 20% has joined and have in total made less then $10 between all of them. There biggest complaints are there is not enough variety of items and not enough store brands and more specifically items offered at stores that do not actually carry that brand.  I try and alway repot the items that I notice but it becomes to much work for just me.   Any suggestions, comments, questions. 

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Re: Trying to get friends to join

Ultimate Saver

Ibotta is a marketing app.  Ibotta makes their money by advertising for manufacturers.  It is the manufacturers that specify the rebates that are shown in the app.

Instead of promoting this as a savings app, I think it should be promoted as a Rebate app.  People understand this.  You buy something and you get money back for trying the product.  Sometimes it is free, sometimes it's only $.10.

Many of the rebates in the app are for new products.  Manufacturers don't want to advertise store brands, though I have seen some Walmart brands in Ibotta.

I told all my family members and only one or two are still using it, but only a couple times a month.  Ibotta takes time and many just don't have time to check Ibotta daily.

Re: Trying to get friends to join

Shopping Enthusiast

I understand what you are saying.  I have attempted to get friends and family to join Ibotta.  The main reason I keep hearing is "it's to complicated or I don't have time to save" 

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